All holders come with a clear, non-scented tea light candle.

I have always been soothed by the calming effect of candlelight, as well as being fascinated by the subtle effect of colour on mood and ambience. I have also been soothed by my art practice, believing all forms of art are therapeutic. These bespoke candle holders throw soft reflective light and colour, whilst drawing from the vibrancy of London life for inspiration. They are a celebration of and escape from the bustle of the city.

Due to the handmade nature of these holders no one will be the same. They are an individual piece of art on their own and have been individually signed by myself.

There are three types of holders to choose from; Large Cylinder (height 8cm, diameter 6.2cm), Small Cylinder (height 6.2cm height, diameter 4cm), Small Square (5x5cm)

Please specify in your order your preference of size and colour combination. If there are any combinations that are not on the list or unavailable, please get in touch as I can make to order.

Price includes free postage (second class recorded)