Kirsty Riddell Home Furnishings collaboration

Home Furnishings Collaboration

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Kirsty and Natalie Macdonald met at a screen-printing workshop at the East London Printers in 2016. Kirsty became interested in putting her designs on fabric and wanted to know how the screen-printing process worked. Natalie takes weekly upholstery classes and wanted to be able to make her own prints to use on the furniture. Kirsty and Natalie discussed the idea of creating homeware together using Kirsty’s designs and began their project with two dining chairs, which highlight the mirror effect of Kirsty’s screen print design. They are now experimenting with a variety of homeware products including lampshades and cushion covers.

Origami Installation

Installation Collaboration

Kirsty worked with stylist Lindsey Hunter on her home furnishings photoshoot. Working well together they decided to collaborate on an origami installation to be set up at the entrance to the Kirsty Riddell Launch Party in September 2017. Impressed by this installation, a client commissioned Kirsty and Lindsey to create a bespoke origami piece in his living room. Lindsey and Kirsty are planning to collaborate on various installation projects together in the future.

origami in studio

Origami Collaboration

Kirsty met the Origami 4 Fun sisters whilst working as a Teaching Assistant in 2014, where she was lucky enough to observe their origami classes with children. The twins, Alexandra and Maria Tonchievuchi, are self-taught freelance origami artists/teachers, based in east London. Kirsty, Alexandra and Maria have a similar passion and interest in mindfulness and its potential connections in the creative process. They have been developing these ideas in the origami artwork they have been creating together.

Kirsty and Beryl studio

Fashion Collaboration

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Kirsty and Beryl Otieno met on their foundation year at Camberwell College of Art in 2009. Beryl went on to do a BA in Fashion at University of Westminster and Kirsty studied BA Painting at Camberwell College of Art. They continued to have a mutual interest in each others work, and in 2015 began to explore the idea of combining their skills in art and fashion to create wearable art garments. Each piece is individually screen-printed as unique handmade pieces.